LPG Applications

Union Energy’s LPG is a clean-burning fuel which is less harmful to the environment. It is enhanced with a powerful cleaning additive that not only removes harmful deposits found in appliances, but also achieves thorough burn, leaving behind no residue. With clean burning and greater efficiency, you can be assured of an optimised performance.

Forklift Truck
Many forklift truck operators are choosing LPG to power their forklift trucks as it is great for both indoor & outdoor use due to the clean emission from LPG. A LPG-powered forklift truck generates less noise and is cleaner for the environment. Moreover, as refueling is easy and fast, there is little downtime involved. Hence it is especially popular with suppliers of foodstuff & medical products.

LPG is usually the main heating element for industrial boilers. It is also commonly used for heating bitumen used for making roads.


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