Safety Tips

1. Do not keep cylinders exposed to sun, rain dust and heat.   2. Make sure the cylinders are properly secured and are kept in an upright position.
3. Keep a safe distance of 1-2 metres between your gas cylinder and any heat source. Do not have any electrical equipment or other sources of ignition near the cylinders.   4. Do not let anyone work on any LPG installation unless they are suitably trained and competent to do the work.
5. When changing your gas cylinder, ensure that there is no naked flame nearby and the gas stove is switched off.
  6. Do not smoke when
changing cylinders.
7. Change the rubber hose every two years and the regulator every five years.  
8. Ensure that your LPG cylinders and accessories are approved by PSB and have the safety mark on them.
Visit for information on the LPG equipment that require PSB registration, and their list of registered suppliers.

9. Always buy your LP gas and its accessories from authorized dealers only condition.
  10. When buying a refilled gas cylinder, reject any cylinder that is not in good condition.

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